The department hosts a range of conferences, lectures, workshops and other events.  Podcasts of these events, together with the Sidney Ball Memorial Lectures, the 2013-14 Centenary Lectures, the Comparative Methods Workshop and an introductory series of Demographic Trends and Problems of the Modern World are available by selecting from the links on the menu bar.  

Featured Podcasts

  • 'Old Europe' - pensions, taxes and alternatives: 07

    Professor David Coleman from Dept of Social Policy, University of Oxford, gives a talk from his "Demographic Trends and Problems of the Modern World" series talking about the issue of population aging.

  • Inside the 'Black Box' of the Family16.09.2016

    The family is often seen as one unit, sharing resources equally, with money being neutral whatever its origin or purpose. But research by Fran Bennett suggests this is too simple.