Departmental Colloquium

Our Departmental Colloquia have finished for the academic year 2016-7. Below is the programme which took place in Trinity Term 2017.

Dr Thomas Grund, University College, Dublin

5pm, 4 May ‘Applied Social Network Analysis: Two Separate Studies on Child Abuse and Corruption'


Professor Lucie Cluver

11 May ‘Trials, tribulations and triumphs: trying to prevent child abuse in low and middle income countries’


Dr Rachel Bray

18 May ‘Using anthropological approaches to inform and analyse policies’


Professor Bernhard Ebbinghaus (DSPI) & Dr Thomas Biegert (WZB Berlin Social Science Centre)

25 May ‘Accumulation or absorption? Household non-employment before and after the Great Recession’


Dr Jouni Kuha, LSE

5pm, 1 June ‘Comparing regression coefficients between different groups – problem or non-problem?’