Dr Elaine Chase

Elaine Chase

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Senior Research Fellow

Elaine Chase is a Senior Research Fellow within the Department and a Research Fellow at Green Templeton College


Her research broadly focuses on the sociological dimensions of wellbeing and rights of individuals and communities, particularly those most likely to experience disadvantage and marginalisation.  Elaine is particularly interested in the interface between policy, practice and context and has carried out many qualitative and mixed-method studies, in the UK and internationally, in a range of health, education, public care and community settings.  This has included research with young parents; young people in and leaving public care; UK and international assessments of young people’s access to sexual and reproductive information, education and services (including Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the Middle East and North Africa); young people and families affected by HIV/AIDS; families and young people living in poverty; and children and young people seeking asylum alone/subject to immigration control in the UK.

Elaine Chase's key areas of research focus are (click to expand):

bEUCitizen: All Rights Reserved? Barriers towards European Citizenship
Poverty, Shame and Social Exclusion: A study in seven countries
In Protracted Limbo: Transitions to adulthood among unaccompanied young people subject to immigration control in the UK
Rebels with a cause': Politics and the voice of young people in Tower Hamlets
Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe (STYLE)
Becoming 'Adult': Conceptions of futures and wellbeing among young people subject to immigration control in the UK
Being EU Citizens: Experiences of exercising social rights in the UK

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