CONSORT-SPI: A CONSORT Extension for Social and Psychological Interventions

Project executive

Professor Paul Montgomery, Professor of Psycho-Social Interventions and Co-director of the Centre for Evidence Based Intervention, (University of Oxford)

Prof Montgomery specialises in the evaluation of complex interventions for real-world practice. He is the Co-Director and Principal Investigator at the Centre for Evidence Based Intervention (CEBI), which focuses on high-quality evaluation of psychosocial interventions through randomised trials, systematic reviews, and other evaluation designs. He is a former Co-Chair of the Campbell Collaboration Social Welfare Group, and an editor for the Cochrane Collaboration Developmental, Psychosocial, and Learning Problems Group (CDPLPG). He has conducted several RCTs of behavioural change and psychological interventions, as well as numerous systematic reviews. He also has extensive experience leading steering and user groups.

Dr Evan Mayo-Wilson, Assistant Scientist, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr Mayo-Wilson’s research focuses on methods for conducting clinical trials and synthesising evidence, particularly in mental health.  He has worked extensively on systematic reviews, including Cochrane and Campbell Collaboration reviews, and network meta-analyses of medical and psychological interventions. At University College London, Dr Mayo-Wilson developed national guidelines for the treatment of social anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder with the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health. In addition to working on reporting guidelines, he is currently investigating ways to handle missing data in systematic reviews.

Dr Sean GrantAssociate Behavioral & Social Scientist, RAND Corporation


Dr Grant’s research focuses on evaluating psychosocial interventions and advancing the rigor of intervention research methods. His substantive interests are principally in the area of alcohol and other drug use, though he is involved in projects applying experimental and research synthesis methods to topics spanning the behavioural and social sciences. He has experience in program evaluation, systematic reviews, and stakeholder engagement and consensus methodology. At RAND, Dr Grant is an investigator at the Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center, where he works on systematic reviews of scientific literature on various health-research topics, and he is a member of the ExpertLens Research Team, where he works on online expert elicitation and stakeholder engagement studies.

Dr Sally Hopewell, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, (University of Oxford)

Dr Hopewell joined the Centre for Statistics in Medicine in March 2007. She is working on a programme of methodological research to support the work of the CONSORT Group, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).  She was awarded a D.Phil at the University of Oxford in 2005, carrying out research into the effects of unpublished data in systematic reviews.  Her research interests include the control of bias susceptibility in systematic reviews and randomized trials.

Professor Geraldine Macdonald, Professor of Social Work, Institute of Child Care Research, (Queen’s University Belfast)

Prof Macdonald’s interests lie in two main areas: (1) evaluating the effects of social interventions and (2) decision-making in child care social work, with a focus on child protection. She is particularly interested in ‘what works’ in helping children and their families, how professionals make decisions in complex situations, and what can be done to facilitate sound decision-making. Prof Macdonald is the Coordinating Editor of the Cochrane Developmental, Psychosocial, and Learning Problems Review Group (CDPLPG). She has also undertaken a series of service evaluations and systematic reviews that cover a range of issues, user groups, and methodologies, including randomised controlled trials. 

Professor Susan Michie, Professor of Health Psychology and Deputy Director of the Centre for Outcomes Research and Effectiveness, (University College London)

Prof Michie’s primary research is in health psychology and health services, focusing on the design, delivery, uptake, and impact of behaviour change interventions related to health. She is a chartered clinical and health psychologist, and elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (ACSS), the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS), and the British Psychological Society (BPS). Current editorial responsibilities include Associate Editor of Annals of Behavioral Medicine and Implementation Science. Current work includes the development of a taxonomy for reporting Behavioural Change Techniques (BCTs) in order to facilitate replication and evidence synthesis.

Prof David MoherResearch Chair in Systematic Reviews, Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Centre for Practice-Changing Research (CPCR), (The Ottawa Hospital - General Campus)

Dr Moher is director of the University of Ottawa’s Evidence-Based Practice Center, and the director and founder of the Knowledge Synthesis Group, which engages exclusively in evidence synthesis in healthcare and related methods research. He is the lead convener of the Cochrane Collaboration's Bias Methods Group and an advisor for the evidence-based medicine portfolio of the British Medical Publishing Group. He is also a member of the CONSORT Group Executive Board and the EQUATOR Network Steering Group, and has been involved in the development of several influential reporting guidelines in health care research.