The Centenary Logo

For many years, Barnett House used the Sower as its emblem. This was taken from George Frampton’s sculpture on Canon Barnett’s memorial in Westminster Abbey, with its inscription ‘Fear not to sow because of the birds’.

This inscription refers to the biblical Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13)  in which a sower (God) sows seed (the word). Some of the seed fell on the path and birds ate it, some fell on thin soil where it sprang up quickly then withered in the sun, others fell in thorny ground and the plants were choked, and some fell on good soil and bore a crop.

A drawing of the Sower, with the inscription ‘Edidit fructos centuplum’ (‘He brought forth fruit a hundred-fold’) – a reference to its central function of teaching – was used by Barnett House for many years as the company seal and as its library bookplate.

As part of the Centenary preparations we have revived the logo, and have brought it up to date with a modern twist. We are grateful to designer Joe Skinner who kindly donated his time to do this, enlarging a detail of the emblem and adding his own designer birds (Joe will be exhibiting his work in Barnett House as part of the Reunion Weekend).

While the modern logo retains the idea behind the inscription, we have not incorporated the words into it. Instead, after much consideration of how best to capture and reflect the work and impact that Barnett House and its people have had on the world over the last century, we have adopted a strapline, ‘100 years of social enquiry’.