Analyses of Contemporary Social Policy Problems

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Our Comparative Social Policy Course Director, Professor Mary Daly, was impressed by a recent series of presentations by MSc students taking her Social Policy Analysis class. She has asked to share them with a wider audience.

Mary writes:

As part of their programme of study Masters' students undertake an analysis of a number of policy problems. The goal is to suggest durable and feasible policy responses on the basis of a precise and evidence-driven interpretation. For the exercise, students first engage in research that takes apart the problem and breaks it down into elements on the basis of an analysis of the political, social and economic construction of it. Second, students interrogate the available evidence on the constituents of the problem, the issues and actors involved and how it has evolved within and across countries. Thirdly, they assess the resources needed to satisfactorily address the problem and suggest a policy response mindful of the factors making for likely success.   

The following are the policy problems on which presentations are available:

Check them out for a most up-to-date and thorough analysis and some innovative approaches.