COVID-19 in UK care homes

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As the pandemic impact continues to be reported, Professor Mary Daly, Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, has been shining a spotlight on the vulnerability of UK care homes during the crisis. 

Last week Professor Daly delivered a virtual talk at Green Templeton College, as part of their ‘Conversations on Care’ series / Health and Care Initiative. 

As the plight of care homes in the UK continues to worsen, Professor Daly’s talk reviews policy responses to COVID-19 to date, especially comparing policy on care homes with that on the NHS, looking especially at the timeline and the policy content. The story will be shown to be one of an already neglected and under-valued sphere downgraded for policy intervention and support. The explanation lies in structural factors – the separation of social care and health into two systems and years of austerity – but also political and cultural factors whereby the NHS is viewed as a national treasure whereas social care is treated as a national burden.

This talk is now available to watch on demand on the Green Templeton College YouTube channel

In addition to this event, Professor Daly published an article on the Campaign for Social Science website. 'COVID-19 in care homes: What happened and how should we go forward?' discusses how the care sector could look to move forward and respond, with the contributions of interdisciplinary researchers.