Life as a doctoral research student - Julius Wersig

Over the summer we will feature interviews with some of our current DPhil students and departmental scholarship holders. In the second of our series, we hear from Julius Wersig, student in Comparative Social Policy, supervised by Professor Bernhard Ebbinghaus.

What stage are you at in your DPhil, and what is your area of research?

I am researching how learning amongst administrators contributes to the European-level coordination of migrant integration. My focus is the European Integration Network. I submitted my thesis in April and had the viva in July. At the moment I am trying to carve out a paper or two from my research.

What have been the highlights of this academic year for you?

First and foremost just the moment of submitting but also a fairly productive stage of writing up, based on CoS feedback and my thesis advisor’s input.

What has been challenging?

Just handling the wealth of (qualitative) data and related literature streams and getting all that into a coherent storyline. (A storyline that satisfies both my expectations and what my reviewers think should be included.)

What difference does having a departmental scholarship make to your studies?

It gave me the unique opportunity to really dig deep into the material I collected, at times also just taking a few weeks to digest what I had heard or read and what to make of it. I believe that this process of contemplating a bit is essential for good research and the scholarship allowed me to do just that.