New book explores progress in gender equality in the EU

daly gender poster

Gender equality has been one of the defining projects of European welfare states. It has proven an elusive goal, not just because of political opposition but also due to a lack of clarity in how to best frame equality and take account of family-related considerations. This wide-ranging book from Mary Daly assembles the most pertinent literature and evidence to provide a critical understanding of how contemporary state policies engage with gender inequalities.

Examining progress in gender equality in EU member states, this thought-provoking book traces developments from the last decade and earlier regarding women's and men's relative positioning in respect of income, employment and time. Located in a critical feminist perspective, the result is a compelling overview of the gender-related achievements in the EU and continuing gaps and inequalities. As well as taking stock of where we are now, the book identifies a research agenda going forward. This seeks to revitalise the feminist social policy project, in light of key welfare state developments and intersectional inequalities in Europe and beyond.

This innovative and detailed book constitutes an important contribution to debates about gender equality and policies in Europe and provides a timely reminder of the content of the gender critique of welfare states and why it is still salient.

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