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Our world is reeling from the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). As governments and intergovernmental organisations around the globe react and respond, the spread of misinformation is causing additional burdens of anxiety, stress and panic. Researchers in many different countries are working incredibly hard to make progress against the disease and advise policy-makers effectively - they are hungry for data. Journalists are seeking to report accurately and responsibly. Enter: Our World in Data, whose goal is to "make the knowledge on the big problems accessible and understandable." They collect, visualise and explain research and data in order to help the world make progress against its largest problems.

Our World in Data is a not-for-profit collaboration led by Dr Max Roser, who is associated with DSPI and leads the Oxford Martin Programme on Global Development. One of the site's researchers, Joe Hasell, is currently undertaking doctoral study with us. Joined by researchers from around the world, Our World in Data presents the latest research and data on a range of global issues. Already with an audience of 1 million+ a month, and widely cited in the media, the site now has an extensive collection of vital resources about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our World in Data - Coronavirus

The situation is constantly evolving, and these resources help us understand what data is out there, and what it makes sense to use it for. "It is our role to present clearly what the current research and data tells us about this emerging problem and especially to provide an understanding of what can and cannot be said based on this available knowledge."