Re-thinking the approach to long-term care

care initiative

Professor Mary Daly, Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, has recently written an article for the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber about the challenges of long-term care. In a climate of rising costs and changes in economic, social and demographic conditions, she makes the case for a broader approach to addressing how we respond to the challenges involved. While material and organisation reforms are vital, we also have to change the way we as individuals and societies as a whole think about, plan for and manage long-term care.

The policy area of long-term care is of keen interest to Professor Daly. In 2013 she set up the Green Templeton Care Initiative, which brings together people from different disciplinary and professional backgrounds to engage in informed debate - and research - around the complex issues involved in caring for and with older people.

You can read a version of Re-thinking the approach to long-term care here.