Rising hunger among low-income households

A new article in the BMJ Journal of Epidemiolgy and Public Health shows that vulnerability to food insecurity has worsened among low-income adults since 2004, particularly among those with disabilities. In 2016 1 in 5 adults in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland experienced some level of food insecurity - an issue which is a 'critical determinant' of overall health.

Co-authors Dr Rachel Loopstra (KCL), DSPI's Dr Aaron Reeves and Professor Valerie Tarasuk (University of Toronto) conclude the paper with this: "Food insecurity has certainly always existed in the UK, but in light of the welfare changes that occurred over this period, it is possible the current social security system is providing increasingly inadequate protection from food insecurity for more and more people."

You can also read The Guardian's coverage of this research: "Likelihood of poorer adults struggling to buy food is rising" 1/5/2019