Sharing research around the globe

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Frances Gardner, Jamie Lachman and Mary Daly in Doha

Researchers from DSPI are often invited to speak around the world in contexts ranging from policy thinktanks to the United Nations. Here is a flavour of a couple of recent events:

18 October 2018 - UBS/Swiss Chamber of Commerce Lugano Philanthropy Day

Dr Jamie Lachman gave the keynote address at this event in Switzerland to an audience of major philanthropists. Jamie writes: "My keynote talk was on redefining how we approach the development, testing, and scale-up of ECD and parenting interventions in LMICs so that we are more efficient in the way we spend limited financial and human resources. I used our research on Parenting for Lifelong Health as an example of how we need to optimise programmes for scale that are effective, economical, efficient, transferable, and flexible to meet current needs in the Global South. I also highlighted UBS Optimus Foundation’s role in supporting the early stages of development both in South Africa and the Philippines. Other presenters included Sarah Bouchie from the Lego Foundation and Dhun Davar from UBS Optimus and Innovation Edge."

23-24 October 2018 - Parenting, Child Wellbeing and Development Conference - Doha International Family Institute

Professor Mary Daly, Professor Frances Gardner and Dr Jamie Lachman all presented at this conference in Doha last week, whose main partner was UNICEF. Jamie comments: "The response to Frances and my presentations was overwhelmingly positive with lots of interest and questions about both the transferability of evidence-based programmes and the need to optimise them for scalability."

If this research intrigues you, why not have a read of Jamie's recent article on a project in Tanzania for Apolitical.