Student Insights: Krishna Patel


Hilary Term is action-packed for our taught master's students. As well as option papers, assignments and preparations for their theses, they are also making the most of the wider opportunities of the University and city. We caught up with Krishna Patel on the MSc in EBSIPE to find out what brought him to Oxford, and how he's finding life here.

Why Oxford?
What first got me excited about Oxford was the friendliness of the department when I first reached out to them. I am still so thankful for the department’s quick response and Dr. Reeves taking the time to Skype with me and discuss my research interests (even as he was in the midst of a move!). In general, I was excited to be in the U.K. and have the opportunity to explore health policy through the lens of universal coverage while studying with peers from around the world.   

What drives your interest in social policy & intervention?
I have thought broadly about social policy as a vehicle for maximizing the number of people who are put in the best positions possible to live healthy, happy lives. With respect to career goals, I hope to become a physician who can combine practice and research to craft programs address needs of patients who are either underserved or not helped enough by traditional means of treatment. 

What were the highlights of your first term on the course?
Definitely getting to know so many kind, inspiring people among both my professors and classmates! I have really enjoyed the small, tight-knit nature of the department, and I look forward to many more great times over the second half of the course.

What has been challenging, unexpectedly or otherwise?
Initially there were a few minor adjustments to settling in a new country, but these were largely helped by the friendliness of everyone I have met!
Coming from a biology and business background, reading and thinking about social sciences research has pushed me to evaluate and think about a variety of socio-political issues with a different mindset. More specifically, while it was initially pretty challenging for me to properly understand and digest some of the literature (especially concerning terminology and certain research methods), I do feel that I am gradually becoming a better consumer of research. 

Do you have ideas of what you want to do after the end of your MSc?
In August I will be starting medical school in New York City! I am confident that my experiences in the EBSIPE program will translate nicely to working with patients and a broad understanding of different influences on health.