Unveiling the hidden dimensions of poverty

angel gurria

Angel Gurria, Director General, OECD speaking at the launch of the research, Paris, 10th May 2019

 ‘for the first time...research places a bridge across [the] gulf in the measurement approaches to poverty in rich and poor countries…allowing us to see poverty through a single perspective.’  Angel Gurria, Director General, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 10th May 2019


Angel Gurria was speaking at the launch of a research report ‘The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty’, which fundamentally challenges global conceptions of the nature of poverty. Based on deeply participatory research conducted in six countries that spanned both the global North and South, the study demonstrates that nine, not the usual three dimensions of poverty (material deprivation, poor health and low education), must be considered if poverty is to be properly measured and successful poverty-alleviation strategies devised.

The research was coordinated by Dr Xavier Godinot, Marianne de Laat and Alberto Ugarte from ATD Fourth World, a non-government organisation based in France but with a global outreach and representative status at the United Nations, and by Dr Rachel Bray, a research associate of the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford and Robert Walker, Oxford Professor Emeritus and currently Professor of Social Development, Beijing Normal University.

You can read Robert Walker's report on the launch here. Rachel Bray and Fran Bennett will be speaking about the process that underpins this research at our Departmental Colloquium on 16 May.

hidden dimensions of poverty