Accelerating Achievement for Africa’s Adolescents: The GCRF Hub

Part of our Trinity Term 2019 Departmental Colloquium series.

The Department of Social Policy and Intervention is leading one of twelve Global Challenges Research Fund Hubs, from 2019-2024. Africa’s adolescents (aged 10-19) are the world’s fastest-growing population: rising to half a billion by 2050 (UN DESA, 2017).They have massive potential, but are often trapped in acute cycles of deprivation. Our goal is to improve outcomes for adolescents and their children, in 34 countries across Africa.  We want to know what services and programs (e.g: social welfare services, clean water, childcare support, health services) can improve outcomes for adolescents across multiple Sustainable Development Goals (e.g.: sexual health, education, employment, gender equality). This means interdisciplinary working, partnerships across UN agencies, governments and academics, and capacity-sharing. This colloquium will introduce the Hub, and think together about potential synergies across the Department.

All are welcome to stay for coffee after.