Street Sense: Capturing How Cities Make Us Feel [date updated]

Part of our Trinity Term 2019 Departmental Colloquium series.

As we become more aware of the health impacts that different built and social environments can have on our health and well-being, challenges emerge in tracing the exact causal pathways between people and place. Different mobile and wearable technologies offer researchers new ways of collecting large amounts of geo-located data, including those from “objective” and “subjective” sources. In a recent project, called SENSE (Stress Experiences in Neighborhood and Social Environments), we developed a process for collecting a variety of physiological and subjective data, attempting to leverage the potential of both the “citizen science” and “quantified self” movements (the published research paper is available here: This talk will highlight some of the opportunities, risks, and limitations inherent in this type of mixed-methods research.

All are welcome to stay for coffee after.