Sean Grant

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Sean Grant is an Associate Behavioral and Social Scientist at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, USA. Grant is interested in evaluating psychosocial interventions and advancing the rigor of intervention research methods. He principally researches interventions for substance use, though he is passionate about applying experimental and research synthesis methods to topics spanning the social and behavioral sciences. He has experience in program evaluation, systematic reviews, and stakeholder engagement and consensus methodology.

At RAND, Grant is an investigator at the Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center, where he works on systematic reviews of scientific literature on various health research topics. He is a member of the ExpertLens Research Team, where he works on online expert elicitation and stakeholder engagement studies. As co-investigator of a project funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council, Grant is part of an international team developing a new reporting guideline for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of social and psychological interventions: CONSORT-SPI. In addition, Grant is a key investigator leading systematic reviews on the effectiveness of integrative medicine approaches for substance use disorders, as well as a series of reviews on collaborative care approaches to the management of behavioral health conditions within primary care settings. Grant also works on a NIAAA-funded project seeking to develop quality measures for treating alcohol use disorders, and a National Institute of Justice project investigating technologies intended to improve school safety.

Grant completed his Masters degree and Doctorate at the Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention, University of Oxford. More information can be found at

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