Professor Brian Nolan

Brian Nolan is Director of INET’s Employment, Equity and Growth Programme and Professor of Social Policy at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention. He was previously Principal of the College of Human Sciences and Professor of Public Policy at University College Dublin.

He is an economist by training, with a doctorate from the London School of Economics, and his main areas of research are income inequality, poverty, and the economics of social policy.

Recent research has focused on trends in income inequality and their societal impacts, the distributional effects of the economic crisis, social inclusion in the EU, top incomes, deprivation and multiple disadvantage, and tax/welfare reform. He has been centrally involved in a range of collaborative cross-country research networks and projects, most recently the Growing Inequalities’ Impacts (GINI) multi-country research project on inequalities and their impacts funded by the EU’s Framework Programme 7. Recent books published by Oxford University Press include The Handbook of Economic Inequality (2008) which he co-edited with Wiemer Salverda and Tim Smeeding, Poverty and Deprivation in Europe (2011) co-authored with Christopher T. Whelan, The Great Recession and the Distribution of Household Income (2013), edited with Stephen Jenkins, Andrea Brandolini and John Micklewright, and two co-edited volumes from the GINI project in 2013.

  • Austerity and Inequality in Ireland

  • Material Deprivation and Consumption

  • Generating Prosperity for Working Families in Affluent Countries

  • Rising Income Inequality and Living Standards in OECD Countries: How Does the Middle Fare?

  • The Great Recession, Austerity and Inequality: Lessons from Ireland

  • Poverty and social exclusion indicators in the European Union: The role of non-monetary deprivation indicators

  • Economic Stress and the Great Recession in Ireland: The Erosion of Social Class Advantage

  • GDP Per Capita Versus Median Household Income: What Gives Rise to the Divergence Over Time and how does this Vary Across OECD Countries?

  • Low Pay, In-Work Poverty and Economic Vulnerability

  • Polarization or "Squeezed Middle" in the Great Recession?: A Comparative European Analysis of the Distribution of Economic Stress

  • More
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