Marija Pantelic

Marija Pantelić is a Clarendon scholar, DPhil candidate in Social Interventions and Senior Advisor for Research and Evaluation at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. As part of her DPhil, Marija has been a Project Manager and Co-Investigator of Mzantsi Wakho, a cohort study of >1500 adolescents in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. She has consulted for the Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) and USAID and UNAIDS implementors such as NAM (National AIDS Manual), Management Sciences for Health, The Urban Institute and Chemonics International. She holds an MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention from this department and a Summa Cum Laude BA in Sociology and Demography from University of Maryland.
Marija's research focuses on methods to minimise bias from observational studies, research processes to ensure accountability to communities, stigma, and access to health and rights among communities disproportionately affected by HIV. Her DPhil explores factors contributing to internalised HIV-related stigma within a sample of 1060 South African adolescents living with HIV. This research aims to inform policy and programming and was designed in direct collaboration with the South African departments of Health, Social Development and Basic Education. Marija is lucky to collaborate with Prof. Lucie Cluver and a super team of researchers from this department and Universities of Cape Town and Curtin; service providers in over 40 Eastern Cape healthcare facilities; a group of adolescent advisors and data collectors who made this study possible.
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