Hannah Pütz

I am reading for an MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation. Having grown up in Germany, I moved to the UK at 16 to finish schooling and thereafter completed a BA in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. In my undergraduate studies, I focused in particular on the application of psychological insight to a range of real-world social issues, including family policy, mental health service provision and childcare. I also developed a keen interest in developmental psychopathology and the fostering of resilience in children and young adults. My undergraduate thesis looked at predictors of healthy ageing in a population-based lifespan sample of the UK.  

Parallel to my studies, I have been working as a volunteer in Ghana, a research assistant at the Decision-Making Research Group in Cambridge and as a junior researcher in the Junior Researcher Programme (JRP). As part of the JRP, my research group is investigating whether and how we can (and should) “nudge” prosocial behaviour in Facebook users. I am thrilled to be deepening my understanding of evidence-based social intervention at the Department for Social Policy and Intervention in Oxford.     

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