Nutrition for child behaviour (2013)

DSPI PI: Alex Richardson

Funded by: Waterloo Foundation

Completed: 2013

To continue and extend our work on nutritional influences on child behavior and learning, the priority was to develop in the following areas:

  • Which children are most likely to benefit from dietary supplementation with omega-3, and how can they best be identified?
  •  Do fatty acids help children sleep better? Lack of sleep could be contributing to their difficulties with mood, behaviour and learning. This area has never been investigated as yet, but we already have some promising data.
  • What might be the cost-benefit for society of nutritional changes aimed at improving mental health and performance? Economic dimensions to this work have been neglected to date, but there are collaborators at CEBI and elsewhere in Oxford who could assist with future studies so that these outcomes were built in and measured such that it was possible to see whether or not there were savings made following dietary changes such as omega-3 supplementation.