Alison Logier

I am a graduate student reading for the MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention.  

I hold a BA in European Social and Political Studies from University College London and spent a year at the University of Bologna on exchange. I am very interested in strategies to curb the incidence of child labour and work with a Cambodian-based NGO dedicated to helping children who live and work on the dumpsites of Phnom Penh. On top of spending my summers in Phnom Penh organising summer camps for these children, I have recently conducted interpretivist research and field interviews in the poorest districts of Phnom Penh to understand how compensation strategies aimed at curbing the incidence of child labour are perceived and experienced by its participants.

This year at Oxford, I am focusing my studies around the sexual exploitation of vulnerable groups and sexual violence towards children and adults. I am also enrolled on a 'Survivor's Trust' course to become a Independent Sexual Violence Advisor.  

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