Andrew Rosenblatt

Andrew Rosenblatt is a MSc candidate in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation at the University of Oxford. He is interested in exploring health policy for the prevention of chronic diseases and the development of public policy through quantitive analysis. He is also a Student Representative in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention.

Prior to coming to Oxford, Andrew graduated from Cornell University ’20 where he studied biological sciences with a concentration in physiology with minors in public policy and European studies (BA, magna cum laude). At Cornell, he led efforts to screen medically-underserved individuals for chronic diseases in New York State, advocated and legislated for Cornell undergraduates’ health and well-being on the Student Assembly, and researched novel methods for fighting antibiotic resistance using genetic engineering and phage viral vectors.

Last year, Andrew was a postgraduate researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Germany where he studied the gut microbiome’s effects on human chronic disease development. He also published research on community-level interventions to reduce chronic disease incidence among medically vulnerable populations in the United States and how neighbourhood social cohesion affects chronic disease awareness and healthy behaviour participation.