Anna Louise Todsen

Anna Louise is a student at St Cross college studying for the MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation on the Oxford-TrygFonden Scholarship. She graduated with a joint degree in Social Anthropology and Psychology with first-class honours at the University of St Andrews in 2022. At DSPI, she is interested in state digitalisation and its impact on the use of evidence in the formation of health policies, and how this can be researched using mixed methods approaches.

At the University of St Andrews, Anna Louise was a Laidlaw Scholar and was able to carry out a funded research project on health datafication. Additionally, she was editor-in-chief of an undergraduate research journal where she led the publication of a peer-reviewed issue on the use of digital research methods during the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, she has been a junior researcher at JRP, where she contributed to two large-scale replication studies in psychology that have both been published in Nature Human Behaviour. She has also undertaken an internship at Climate Analytics in Berlin working on the use of machine learning in systematic reviews. At Oxford, she has worked with the Global Centre for Health Care and Urbanisation and conducted a scoping review on the key urban challenges in the region.

Before attending university, Anna Louise was a Davis scholar for two years at UWC-USA and on Colorado State University’s Semester at Sea programme.