Anushka Akhtar

Anushka is reading for an MSc in Comparative Social Policy. She holds a BSc in Economics and Politics from Queen Mary University of London. Her research interests span over the conceptual underpinnings and policy implications of poverty and socio-economic inequalities.

She has developed a keen interest in climate change through her work with Global Fellows Consulting. In particular, Anushka investigated how droughts and low rainfall caused by climate change adversely impact the livelihood of farmers in Rural South India. She analysed how grassroot movements, undertaken by environmental NGOs and civil society actors affect the economic capabilities of farmers.     

In her thesis, Anushka aims to analyse reforms to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program in the US during The Great Recession of 2008. She will investigate how the institutional and constituent characteristics of a state influenced the type of TANF reforms implemented.