Brian Treacy

Brian Treacy is reading for an MSc in Comparative Social Policy at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention and is a member of St Antony’s College. His research interests lie in social inequality, current developments in the welfare state, and public attitudes towards societal issues and social policies. His master’s thesis examines the interplay between work-life balance outcomes, public attitudes towards this balance, and social policies. He holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Social Policy and Sociology from University College Dublin and graduated with a First-Class Honours in 2019.  

Before coming to Oxford, Brian worked as an elected representative for UCD Students’ Union, representing the interests of students at a university and national level in relation to academic affairs. During this time, he was a member of the UCD Governing Authority and in this capacity successfully inputted into the UCD Strategy 2020-2024 in key themes such as ‘Empowering Humanity’ and ‘Promoting a Healthy World’ and ensured the student experience is central to UCD. He is currently an Oxford University Student Union Officer for St Antony’s College, representing the views of the student body at the Oxford Student Union Council.