Caspar Kaiser

I am a research fellow at the Oxford Wellbeing Research Centre and a DPhil candidate at Nuffield College and the Department of Social Policy and Intervention.

Most of my work is concerned with analysing data on self-reported wellbeing.

One part of my research focuses on the socio-economic determinants of life satisfaction – particularly income, unemployment, and social class. I am especially interested in the roles that social comparisons, inequality, and over-time adaptation play in this area.

Another part of my research concerns the comparability of wellbeing reports and whether such data can measure welfare cardinally. In this domain, I work on developing statistical methods to relax standard assumptions with existing data, and on gathering new data.

Beyond these areas, I take a keen interest in the normative implications of using wellbeing data, questions of welfare measurement more generally, the determinants and consequences of social mobility and inequality, as well as developments in causal inference and machine learning.

Brian Nolan (INET, Oxford) and Maarten Vendrik (SBE, Maastricht) supervise my doctorate. I am honoured to be funded by the inaugural Barnett-Nuffield Scholarship and a pre-doctoral research fellowship at the Oxford Wellbeing Research Centre.

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