Chieh-hsiu Liu

Chieh-hsiu Liu is a DPhil student in Social Policy at the University of Oxford and a member of Green Templeton College. He previously served as a consultant geriatrician and a general practitioner at National Taiwan University Hospital, where he was responsible for the development of community-based integrated care models for older people in a Hakka rural area. He is also a founding member of PubMed Taiwan and regularly contributes to Chinese-speaking media, think tanks and policy advice in health and social care policy in Taiwan. As well as his medical degree (MD), Chieh-hsiu also holds an MSc in Health Policy and Management from the National Taiwan University.

Chieh-hsiu’s research mainly focuses on the continuity and change of familialist care regimes in East Asia. His research employs a case study approach to investigate the difficulties of defamilialising elder care in East Asian contexts, with a focus on Taiwan. His general research areas of interest include health and social care policy for older people (integrated care, long-term care); the mixed economy of welfare; the governance and politics of social policy; East Asian social policy.