Chloe Touzet

Chloé is a DPhil candidate at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention and INET at the University of Oxford. She is funded by the ESRC and a Clarendon scholarship from the University of Oxford. 

She earned a BA (with distinction) in political sciences from Sciences Po in Paris as well as an MSc in political economy (with distinction) at LSE. Previously she has worked as a research assistant and research coordinator at LIEPP – Sciences Po, an interdisciplinary research center focused on public policy evaluation. She was particularly involved in two research groups, working on health policy and the tax / social policy nexus.


Her research aims at understanding the politics behind the use of tax expenditures for social and employment policy purposes in mature European welfare states. Through a better understanding of the effect of tax expenditures - their redistributive consequences, their effects in terms of welfare state reform, as well as on the governance of social and employment policy, etc.- the project seeks to understand the determinants of policymaker's choice when using tax policy instead of fiscal policy.

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