Claudia Stoicescu

claudia stoicescu

Claudia is a public health researcher and independent consultant who is passionate about addressing the inequities faced by marginalised groups affected by HIV and substance use criminalisation.

Claudia’s research examines the socio-structural drivers of HIV among women who use drugs. Conducted in urban centers with high rates of drug use in Indonesia, her doctoral research on the syndemic drivers of HIV risk among injection-drug using women in Indonesia was highly-commended in the Early Career category of the 2018 Oxford University Vice Chancellor’s Innovation Awards. Her current work employs community-based participatory approaches to explore the impacts of drug use criminalisation on a broad range of health outcomes among people who use drugs in Asia.

Claudia’s research has been published in leading journals in HIV and substance use, including AIDS and Behavior, International Journal of Drug Policy and Advances in Preventive Medicine. Her research has been funded by grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, and The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS.

Her expertise includes advising and consulting for international organizations, community networks, service providers and governments, including UNAIDS, UNODC, Harm Reduction International, Asian Network of People Who Use Drugs, Open Society Foundations, Indonesia’s National AIDS Commission and others, as well as designing, executing, and evaluating gender-sensitive harm reduction programming and policies.

Claudia holds a DPhil and MSc from the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, Oxford University, and a Summa Cum Laude BA in Political Science from York University.

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Stoicescu C; Cluver L; Spreckelsen T; Casale M; Sudewo AG; Irwanto. (2018). Intimate partner violence and HIV-related sexual risk behavior among women who inject drugs in Indonesia: findings from a respondent- driven sampling study. AIDS and Behavior. 22(10): 10; doi: 10.1007/s10461-018-2186-2.

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Twitter: @Claudia85