Craig Carty

Craig Carty is a Barnett Scholar and member of Green Templeton College writing a doctorate in Social Intervention. He received his BA and MSc degrees in Anthropology & Human Biology from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied the psychosocial impacts of HIV disease and the clinical implications of antiretroviral therapies on bone metabolism. 

Past research affiliations include the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, the Wistar Institute's Immunopathogenesis Laboratory, the Center for AIDS Research (Clinical Core), the Center for Health Behavior and Communications Research, and the Center for Health Promotion at the University of Fort Hare in South Africa. 

His primary focus is on mHealth interventions that engage HIV+ adolescents at risk for loss to care via interactive, "gamified" applications. The research interrogates the potential of "digital adherence" frameworks to connect outlier populations to care.

Craig serves as a Trustee for the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Programme (TVEP) and the Policy and Intervention Trust (POINTT). His doctoral research is funded in part by exploratory grants from UNICEF, EHPSA, DFID and Sweden, all of which include collaborations with the University of Cape Town's AIDS and Society Research Unit.


Craig's research interrogates the efficacy of existing health care models that target youth living with chronic, manageable diseases such as HIV. Objectives include the development and delivery of a mobile application that allows adolescents to report symptoms, describe their social context and receive vital healthcare information directly on smartphone devices. The design engages cutting edge social and clinical science theory together with algorithmic modelling to determine risk for treatment failure while supporting real-time reporting of acute symptoms and potential risk for adverse events. GPS triangulation of the device location allows outreach teams to locate patients who are not ambulatory, or who simply refuse to attend clinical visits. Stigma is resilient among many key populations, thus innovative linkages to care - or "digital adherence" - may prove critical to the long-term maintenance of patient care and enhanced health outcomes.

Craig's key areas of research focus are:

Mental health
Ecological momentary assessment tools for adolescents living with HIV
Digital Adherence
Connecting to Care

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    Selected other outputs

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