Dexter Docherty

My name is Dexter and I grew up in Vancouver before studying history at McGill University in Montreal. At McGill I had the pleasure of working for Dr. Cindy Blackstock on the often-strained relationship between social work and social justice in Canadian history, and Dr. Laura Madokoro on the history of sanctuary and asylum in Canada. After graduating, I worked at the Institute for Research on Public Policy, then the Research and Statistics Division of the Department of Justice Canada, and finally, I was a foresight analyst at Policy Horizons Canada working on the social futures team. I am passionate about prison abolition and got into social policy work so that I could try to help build a world where prisons don’t need to exist. I am particularly interested in the relationship between masculinity and the future of social policy. I hope to use my time at Oxford to unpack assumptions about manhood and masculinity that shape our institutions and explore the ways in which these assumptions may undermine efforts to build a more equitable society.