Dr Anita Schrader McMillan

Anita is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Evidence-Based Interventions,  She is a social psychologist working in both the UK and low to middle income countries on the following areas: 1)    Promotion of child mental health within public health 2)    Prevention of child abuse and neglect 3)    Children with limited or no parental care, including street and working children, child migrants, and children in institutions, with a focus on family reintegration Anita combines the production of evidence base for public mental health of children in the UK, development of new approaches to work with families, with support to projects and research in low income countries.   She has a background in cultural anthropology and social psychology and has worked extensively in Central and South America and more recently, sub-Saharan Africa on a series of research programmes. Her doctoral dissertation was on the impact of parent education on social capital in post-war Guatemala.  This involved in-depth work in communities with high levels of violence and poverty.     Before coming into academic life she worked as director of two NGOs and was for six years the director of the Consortium for Street Children.  Anita is also committed to environmental conservation. 

Primary current projects: 

(i) Feasibility study – implementation of the “Steps to Safety” conjoint therapy for domestic abuse (NSPCC funded, ongoing to 2018).  Anita is co-author of the Steps to Safety programme.  
(ii) Impact evaluation of “A Better Start” (Big Lottery funded, ongoing to 2025)

Other current research projects: Early intervention Foundation, Local Government Association and NSPCC:  Improving the Effectiveness of the Child Protection system. (2017) Oxford Policy Management & Oak Foundation: Integration of Child Protection in the Healthcare System, Eastern Europe and CIS counties. (2017) Toybox : Changing patterns of children’s use of the street for survival – Guatemala 1996 - 2016.   (2017) 

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