Dr Laura Sochas


My research focuses on how power, institutions, and social policies affect health inequalities, using mixed methods. I take a critical feminist stance, engaging with theories such as intersectionality and Reproductive Justice. My work has been published in high-impact journals such as Social Science & Medicine, Demography, Health Policy & Planning, and BMJ Global Health.

In my postdoc, I research how collective bargaining and unionisation have unequal health effects, across a range of different settings. I also teach on the MSc options course: “Addressing Health Inequalities Through Social Policy”.

I have previously published on topics such as: modelling the indirect mortality effects of epidemics; how interviewers affect the likelihood of reporting an abortion; how health service environments and health facility rules affect maternal health inequalities; how to operationalise critical theories using mixed methods.

I obtained my PhD in Demography from the Department of Social Policy at LSE (2020). I hold an MSc in Social Research Methods (2016) and a Masters in Public Administration (2011) from LSE, as well as a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (2007) from the University of Oxford. Prior to my PhD, I worked as a consultant on public health programmes in African and South Asian countries.

I am happy to be contacted in relation to the following topics: health inequalities; collective bargaining and trade unions; Reproductive Justice; maternal and reproductive health in the Global South.

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