Dr Naomi Muggleton



My work focuses on discovering natural experiments in large datasets to infer well-being and decision-making processes.

Recently, my research has focussed on identifying the social origins of elites and how social hierarchies are maintained. I'm also interested in understanding the negative social consequences of inequality.

In the past, my work has used financial transactional data to show that disordered expenditure, as measured by spending entropy, can be used to predict future financial distress.

I've also used spending data to evaluate 31 harms associated with gambling across millions of people. As well publishing our findings, we've consulted with Lloyds Banking Group, the Gambling Commission, and Public Health England to discuss implications for policy and interventions.

My doctoral research examined the evolutionary drivers of inequality. I’ve also worked on industry-funded projects at the Alan Turing Institute, The British Museum, and Player LENS.

Current projects