Dr Thees F Spreckelsen

Thees Spreckelsen studied social sciences at the Universities of Erfurt and Aberystwyth. His DPhil in sociology (Oxford, Nuffield College) focused on the cross-national comparison of national identities. Following his studies he was a research officer both at the department’s Centre for Evidence-based Intervention and the Oxford Institute of Social Policy. Thees has been Lecturer for Quantitative Sociology and the University of Kent’s Q-Step centre. Most recently he was the department's Research Fellow in Quantitative Methods and part of the DSPI MethodsHub.

In his current role he is involved in the department's methods teaching and provides methodological support to researchers. His methodological expertise spans quantitative methods for survey and experimental research as well as research synthesis. Thees recently got interested in questions of research Transparency, Open Science, and Replicability.

Research interests: social research methods, survey research, social attitudes especially social identities, and sociological theory. 

Past research

  • Welfare state and youth employment:

I have analysed welfare-state regimes in relation to “new social risks”. As part of the "Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe" I investigated youth labour market outsiders in Europe, specifically northern Europe, and for youth migrant citizens

  • Evaluation research:

As part of the DHA Oxford Learning and Behaviour Study I have worked on a nutritional intervention on children's sleep as well as reading and behaviour.

  • Social identity

In my doctoral thesis I worked on the measurement and cross-national comparability of national identity in survey research. Furthermore I examined relationship of solidarity, social trust, and political participation with the multiple dimensions of national identity.

In a recent publication I assessed the relationship of national identities and the identification with Europe (with Prof. Anthony Heath).

I have also worked on the macro-social Interdepencies of European integration and post-socialist transformation in CEE countries (see Transformation und Europäisierung [German only]). 

More to see...
please visit my Figshare profile to have a look at some of my other output, open-access things, and supplementary materials.

  • Interventions to reduce gender-based violence among young people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in low-and middle- income countries.

  • More

Other Outputs

Les oméga 3 améliorent le sommeil des enfants. Anne-Laure Lebrun (2014). Article on the "Fatty acids and sleep in UK children: subjective and pilot objective sleep results from the DOLAB study – a randomized controlled trial" in Le Figaro. View Online

Cross-Time and Cross-National Measurement Comparability of Attitudinal Measures. Spreckelsen, Thees (2010). Paper for the RC55 Session on “Social Indicators ’on the move’ ”, at the ISA World Congress of Sociology, Gothenburg.

Book review: Joanna Bourke: “Fear - A Cultural History, London: 2004”. Spreckelsen, Thees (2005). Book review published in: Historische Anthropologie, Vol. 13, No.3, pp. 436-437. View Online

Book review: David Gugerli/Daniel Speich, “Topografien der Nation. Politik, kartografische Ordnung und Landschaft im 19. Jahrhundert”, Zürich 2003. Spreckelsen, Thees (2004). Book review published in: Historische Anthropologie, Vol. 12, No. 2, pp.306-307 View Online

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