Dr Triin Lauri

Triin Lauri is Departmental Lecturer in Comparative Social Policy at Department of Social Policy and Intervention. Triin’s research is focused on comparative social policy with a particular interest in education policy and social investment policies. She holds a PhD in Government and Politics and a Master’s degree in Political Science from the Tallinn University (Estonia). She is a member of the international collaborative research project “World Politics of Social Investment” (WoPSI) and worldwide network “Comparative Methods for Systematic cross-case analysis” (COMPASS). She is the member of management board of COST Action “Transdisciplinary solutions to cross sectoral disadvantage in youth (YOUNG-IN)” and the leader of its Working Group 5, “Knowledge-based social investment policy for youth”. 

Triin has been working as an Associate Professor of Public Policy and researcher in the Centre of Excellence Interdisciplinary Life Course Studies in Tallinn University (TLU). In her earliest research activity Triin mainly focused on education policy and the governance and effects of school choice in particular. Recently her concern has broadened to include the wider spectrum of welfare policies, especially the ones headed as social investment policies. Furthermore, in her latest analysis Triin has captured both, the policy and politics of social investment.


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