Dr Ujithra Ponniah

Dr Ujithra Ponniah has dark shoulder length hair, smiling at the camera.
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Dr Ujithra Ponniah is a Senior Researcher at the Southern Centre for Inequality Studies (SCIS). She works with the ‘Wealth Inequality and Elites’ research stream at SCIS. Her research interests include economic elites, caste, race, and gender in India and South Africa. In South Africa, she has researched property elites (landowners and property developers) involved in the making of a gated city called Waterfall. Currently, she is a Co-PI on an ESRC project titled ‘Transnational Elite Communities and the Reproduction of Inequalities’ in Mumbai, Johannesburg, and London. 

Dr Ponniah will be presenting a paper at the Modern South Asian Studies Seminar Series on 21st May titled “We are religious, patriotic, and self-sacrificial”: Baniya Power, Privilege and Wealth Anxieties in India”.  

Along with Dr Katie Higgins, I will be undertaking the following research activities during my visit: 

  • Co-authoring a conference paper titled: Transnational business elites? Exploring the model of executive peer advisory groups and questions of transnational elite cohesion and subject formation  

  • Presenting papers in two conferences: ‘Transnational Elites: Imperial Histories, Global Power and Public Resistance’ organized by the British Academy and the annual Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) conference.