Duncan Fisher

Duncan Fisher

I am a Researcher working with Professor Mary Daly on the project “Exit, Voice and Loyalty: The Job Attachments of Care Home Workers in Covid-19 Times”.

My educational background is interdisciplinary, including an undergraduate degree in History (Aberdeen), and master’s degrees in Japanese Language and Society (Sheffield), and Social Science Research (Glasgow).  I gained my PhD in Sociology (Teesside) in March 2021. My thesis investigated the perceptions and experiences of young adults employed in adult social care work.  The study reflects my research interests in gender, care and care work, and in how work – more broadly – drives and sustains social inequalities. 

Following my PhD, I worked as a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield’s Centre for International Research on Care, Labour and Equalities (CIRCLE) examining alternative models of homecare provision in the UK.  Prior to commencing my PhD, my work experience included spells in teaching, educational support and advice, and social care work.


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