Elisa Gómez Aleman

My name is Elisa Gomez Aleman, and I am currently reading for an MSc in Comparative Social Policy. I graduated with first class honours from King’s College London and Sciences Po Paris, obtaining a BA in European Studies and French. At King’s College, my studies focused mainly on the political economy of European integration, with an emphasis on explaining convergence and divergence trends across countries. The strong socio-cultural component of my degree fostered my interest in the socially-embedded nature of welfare, as well as the significance of deeply entrenched social values when explaining the successes and shortcomings of particular policies. In this vein, my undergraduate dissertation looked at the specific rhetoric employed by French politicians to legitimise path-breaking labour market reforms, with a specific focus on the evolving notion of solidarity.

Currently, my research interests include the sustainability of welfare provision from a cultural as well as from an economic standpoint, the politics of care in ageing societies, and the reconciliation of work and family life from a gender perspective.

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