Giulia Arena

Giulia Arena is wearing dark, shoulder-length hair, a black jacket, and glasses, smiling at the camera.
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Giulia Arena is a postdoc researcher at the Law Department of the University of Genoa and she’s currently in the team for the gender budget, Gender Equality Plan and statutory changes for gender equality. She explores gender equality policies using an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from Law and Society, Gender studies, and Gender and Politics.

Her primary focus is on understanding how gender policies in academia influence gender equality within the framework of gender mainstreaming.  The aim of her visiting research period, from the 22 of April until the 15 of June 2024, under the supervision of Prof. Rossella Ciccia, is to explore from a sociolegal approach the Athena SWAN initiative for gender equality, in comparison with the EU’s framework for gender equality in research performing organizations (RPOs).

The comparative case study design will be used to highlight strengths and weaknesses in both frameworks: University of Genoa in Italy and University of Oxford in UK.  The expected outcome is a better understanding of how gender mainstreaming works in practice inside the academia, and how gender equality takes different meanings within different gender equality frameworks and policy documents.