Hanna Kamaric

Hanna has lived in The United States, Croatia, and Austria and is fascinated by the development of individualism, collectivism, and their effect on states’ collective histories, and consequently, policy choices.

She started her career as a financial analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York City, before moving to the Turner Impact Capital in Los Angeles, a real estate private equity firm making investments in underserved communities while at the same time campaigning for a progressive, grassroots candidate for the Los Angeles Unified School Board. She remains passionate about the relationship between poverty and education, particularly in The United States. She plans to explore the future of social systems, social capital, and how individuals can be incentivized to act for a collective good in the wake of increased income inequality and technological innovation.

Hanna is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania College of Arts and Sciences (BA Biology, Honors) and The Wharton School (BSc Economics, Finance, Honors).

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