Inés Sanguino

Inés is a second-year MPhil student in the Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation course. She is interested in health (particularly mental and sexual health) and educational interventions, the intersection of both and their potential to address inequalities. She is particularly interested in interdisciplinary projects and in the gap between research and practice, with a focus on implementation and evaluation. 

She studied a BSc in Psychology at King’s College London (2018), for which she obtained The Dean’s Prize for the best achievement in the research project of her cohort for a study exploring binge eating in adolescents. During her studies, she took part in the Junior Researcher Programme (2017-2018) where she has continued to collaborate in large international replications.  Aside from her research, she has worked for non-profit organisations such as NCS The Challenge or Unlocked Graduates.  

She returned to Spain to validate her degree, before moving to Oxford as a La Caixa Fellow. During her time at Oxford, she has collaborated in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention with HEY BABY, a large project assessing resilience-promoting pathways for adolescent parent families living in adversity, including young parents living in resource-constrained, HIV-affected communities. She is currently working on a short project for What Works for Children in Social Care and engaging in tutoring in the Department of Psychology while completing her dissertation. 

Her dissertation project examines high-school staff’s perceptions on grade retention in Spain, using a mixed-methods approach. She is also completing a systematic review exploring the effectiveness of prevention interventions for early school leaving in high-income countries.