Jorge Ledesma

Jorge is a UK Marshall Scholar reading for the MPhil in Comparative Social Policy. Prior to his time at Oxford, Jorge graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in Social Studies from Harvard University in 2019. Born in Colombia and raised by a single mother in the United States, Jorge earned Harvard’s John Palfrey Prize as “the most distinguished scholar in the senior class who is the recipient of a stipendiary scholarship.” As an undergraduate, his research explored the role of disability in low-income communities of color with a focus on policing and mass incarceration. After graduating, he spent two years as a Special Assistant in the Suffolk County (Greater Boston) District Attorney's Office, leading an accessibility-based policy project and developing community engagement initiatives. His research in the department examines the role of political frames and policy feedbacks in the use of disability benefits to recommodify claimants.