Lisa-Marie Mail

Lisa is reading for the MSc in Evidence-based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation.

Lisa has worked in social policy roles in government for over 15 years, covering a wide range of areas including welfare/social security, housing, and Indigenous Affairs. This has given her a valuable understanding of the development and implementation of social policy from a government perspective.

Lisa completed her undergraduate degree in Mass Communications (Journalism) in Western Australia in 2004, and postgraduate study in finance in 2013. She is interested in contributing to large-scale structural interventions to address gender inequalities and policies that improve lifetime outcomes for families and children. Her goal is to use the knowledge gained through the MSc to strengthen the understanding of the role of research in a government context and enhance its application in policy development.

In addition to her studies with the Department, Lisa is a couples and families student representative at Green Templeton College and aims to assist in the development of advice and support to student parents attending the University.