Nhat An Trinh

Nhat An’s work focuses on social mobility and the transmission of socio-economic inequalities from one generation to the next - in terms of causes, effects, trends over time as well as normative implications.

For her thesis, she looks at the role of institutions and the welfare state in shaping intergenerational mobility processes. More precisely, she analyses whether, and if so how, labour market institutions can affect intergenerational social class mobility in Gemany and the UK. Besides her doctoral research, she has been investigating the effects of social class and social mobility on subjective well-being in European countries.

Nhat An holds a MSc in Comparative Social Policy (Distinction) from the Department of Social Policy and Intervention. Before coming to Oxford, she studied for a BA in Philosophy and Economics at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. Her studies are made possible by the generous support of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.