Ohad Green

ohad green

Dr. Ohad Green is a Post-Doctoral research fellow from Bar-Ilan University in Israel. His background spans the spectrum from academic to clinical, and he have worked in different social work settings and with various population.  His research interests varies and include:

(1) Migrant families – with emphasize on families of migrant workers, asylum seekers, and refugees

(2) Terror and war –with emphasize on the role of non-direct exposure to distress among adolescents

(3) Cognitive-behavioral interventions and

(4) Long-term care.

During his visit at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention from June 2017 to May 2018, he will engage in data analysis, grant writing and article writing. He will undertake collaborative research with Prof. Lucie Cluver and is keen to deepen his understanding of randomized controlled trails and evidence-based practice, in order adapt and use it with refugee and asylum seekers families in Israel. 

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