Paul Anand

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Paul Anand is a Research Associate in DSPI, a Professor in Economics at the Open University and Director of the Wellbeing and Human Development Project at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science at the London School of Economics. For nearly two decades he has worked on the operationalisation of the capability approach to economics, moral philosophy and international development. This has involved the development of new measures of disadvantage which are now used in clinical trials. He has ongoing collaborations with the OECD where work on domestic abuse was cited in the development of its Better Life Compendium and Index. In addition he collaborates with the UNDP report office and was commissioned to write a report background on wellbeing and human development which highlighted the potential contribution of wellbeing as central to teacher retention in lower income countries. He has published over 100 articles in economics, health, psychology and other journals and wrote on economics topics for the Press when he was a DPhil student in Oxford. He lives in Oxford and has connections with Wolfson and Green-Templeton Colleges.  

Anand, P;. Allen, H.; Ferrer, R.; Gold, N.; Martinez, R.; Kontopantelis, E.; Krause, M.; Vergunst, F. (2020) Work Related and Personal Predictors of Covid 19 transmission. medRxiv preprint

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