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Rachel Bray is a social anthropologist whose work focuses on youth, family and inter-generational relationships with the aim of informing policy analysis or development. Her recent work in Europe and southern Africa focuses on the concepts and practices that underlie parenting support as a form of strengthening families and reducing adolescent risk. Ongoing collaborators include Lucie CLuver, Jenny Doubt, Franziska Meinck in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, plus colleagues in UNICEF Office of Research and the University of Cape Town.


Rachel also works with Robert Walker and Fran Bennett to support a six country study to identify the dimensions of poverty run in partnership with the social movement ATD Fourth World, whose members with direct experience of poverty co-lead the research. This four year study engages younger and older people in defining and ranking the dimensions of poverty, as well as working age adults who are experiencing poverty, provide services to those who do, and who study or write about poverty, respectively.


Following three years as a research officer in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, Rachel is currently applying her social science skills in the University of Oxford's Careers Service by designing resources and offering advice to postgraduate research students and staff on career progression within and beyond academia.

Rachel Bray's key areas of research focus are (click to expand):

Family policy, with a specific focus on parenting support
Exploring resilient systems thinking for understanding impacts of adult AIDS on children
Mobility, identity and relationships in childhood, youth and transitions to adulthood